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Gamme Series

Gamme is one of our best-selling models, it's easy to understand why. Developed according to all the rules of the art, a Gamme offers everything needed to be a versatile tent. It is large, robust and at the same time "light"

The independent construction and option for a stove means that Gamme fits in most situations and places.

The gamme models are found around the world from Tibet in China to the Seychelles in Africa to Svalbard in the Arctic region.

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Short information

Gamme is available in different sizes 4 -> 8 people.

In addition, you can choose the canvas material according to your specific needs.

Silnylon (Arctic),
Silnylon Robic (Extreme)
PC (Polyester Cotton)

  • 4 - Seasonal tent
  • Fireproof chimney bypass
  • Double doors / openings
  • 6 ventilation openings
  • 10 - 15.2 mm 7000 series Aluminum bars
  • Dyneema reinforcements at exposed points
  • Free from fluorocarbons
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Choose from different sizes

GAMME comes in sizes 4, 6 and 8 

Gamme 4
Suitable for 2 - 4 people, with inner tent up to 3 people.

Gamme 6
Suitable for 4 - 6 people, with inner tent up to 4 people

Old man 8
Suitable for up to 8 people, with inner tent up to 6 people
Easy to handle
Despite their size, the Gamme models are easy to open, even alone. It is raised with 5 bars and takes about 10 minutes with a little practice. It is easy to organize as the tent consists of three black poles and two red poles, the respective poles are the same length so it is not possible to put them wrong.

Storm proof
With many attachment points and storm lines, we guarantee that the tent stands completely silent even in the most troublesome gusts of wind. Thanks to an incredibly well-made design, the tent fabric becomes very tight when the tent is erected, this makes the tent very quiet in harsher weather. No flapping tablecloths here.

PC or Silnylon?

With a mixture of polyester and cotton in the canvas, you get a more pleasant climate inside the tent, summer and winter. Because the canvas "breathes", the problem of condensation on the inside of the outer canvas does not arise, hence the need for an inner tent becomes almost non-existent. In summer, the fabric ventilates the heat and in autumn/winter, the condensation is transported out through the fabric. The trade-off is that the weight of the tent is higher and the tent becomes slightly bulkier when unpacked.

Sil nylon
Made of a Ripstop nylon with silicone on both sides gives maximum strength of the cloth. With a tear strength of at least 15 kg (Gamme 4 Arctic) up to at least 28 kg (Gamme 6/8 Extreme), it ensures that the canvas can withstand tough weather conditions. In sil nylon, Gamme becomes a lighter and less bulky alternative than in polycotton. The downside is that the canvas is completely tight, so condensation can occur and an inner tent may be preferable. However, thanks to the round shape, plenty of ventilation options and the large volume in the tent, we have noticed that in a large tent, condensation is not as noticeable as in smaller tents.

Gamme 4 is only available in sil nylon
Gamme 6 and 8 are available in sil nylon or polycotton

Who is a Gamme suitable for?

The old models are used for everything from glamping to expedition tents. In the Asian countries they are incredibly popular as glamping tents to here in the north where we use them for all forms of base camping on e.g. hunting and fishing trips, camping, guide companies and even the armed forces

Key details

  • Unbelievable robust design to be able to use all year round.
  • Used inner tent, floor or completely open floor
  • Double doors and double entrances
  • Ready and adapted to be used together with a stove
  • Versatility and spaciousness are the keywords
  • Freestanding design
  • Fits very well calm and stable also in rough weather. 
What do customers say?

Often when we read about the customers' experience and reviews about Gamme, it usually boils down to the fact that they are incredibly satisfied with the purchase and that it has been worth the investment. Sometimes the words best are used, but as everyone knows, there is no best for all situations. But we can state that Gamme is probably one of the best. With zero complaints from Gamme with us, we dare to say that NORTENT has succeeded in creating a substantial tent that will provide many years of joy.

Don't take our word for it, use google/youtube for more information





Inner tent - Gamme


Floor - Old


Stoves - Old

Accessories - Gamme

Friluftsliv i Norr AB is run with a passion for a life outdoors, we want to provide products and services that spread joy to our customers. Our ambition is not to become the biggest player, our ambition is to become the biggest in providing quality in our products and services.
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