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VERN Series

Vern är en serie för de krävande situationerna. Dom kommer i en unik tunneldesign med materialval av högsta kvalitè. De dubbla ingångarna och rymliga ytorna gör att Vern 1 och 2 är perfekta för längre vandringsturer/skidning. Med en deras bågdesign gör det tältet stabilt även mot tunga snölaster. I Vern 2 och 3 finns dessutom tillvalet stovejack för att kunna använda en kamin i tältet.

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Short information

The Vern series is developed to be an alternative for those who want a light tent. It is made with consideration to keep clean lines while blending in with its surroundings. Much of the development was based on the fact that VERN could be erected quickly and easily if the weather were to change quickly. With generous dimensions, VERN is one of the market's most spacious 1 & 2 person tents.

  • 4 - Seasonal tent
  • Made in super strong SILNYLON or condensation-free PolyCotton
  • Double doors / openings
  • 4 ventilation openings
  • 9 mm high quality bars
  • Dyneema reinforcements at exposed points
  • Free from fluorocarbons
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The challenger from Norway

Nortent has developed a slightly more substantial 1-person tent, with generous dimensions that stand out from other tunnel tents and with a low weight, this ensures lasting and safe protection all year round. With large double doors and apses, it becomes extra easy to organize yourself if the weather changes, with finer views, you can open up the entire side and get a panoramic view beyond the landscape. Designed to provide straight lines and an appearance that blends more into nature than takes up space. Attention to the fact that it should be easy and quick to set up, makes this tent particularly suitable for the lone hiker in the company of a dog.

Passar till alla slags turer och väder. 
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When one becomes two

With a completely unique design that differs from the competition, VERN 2 is something really special. How about a well adapted tent for 2 people? 

Consider a large apse for each, a separate entrance and space to organize your own packing. Avoid crawling over each other and each other's packing when you go in and out of the tent. Apsides large enough to easily sit inside to take off wet clothes in shelter from the rain.  

Each page can be customized to your own liking. While both can lie down and enjoy beautiful views through their own door. 

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1-person canvas tent
With a VERN 1 PC, you get the maximum usable surface for the size of the tent, there is no need for an inner tent that steals space, use the entire surface of the tent as you wish.

The advantage of a PC is that the canvas breathes. this means that the climate inside the tent will be something completely different from what is in a nylon / polyester tent.

In autumn / winter, the tent is warmer, transports out condensation and moisture better than in a dense material such as e.g. nylon. During the summer, the canvas ventilates the heat so that it does not feel as oppressive in the tent.

VERN 1 PC är robust, fristående, 4-säsongs tält, med sina tre 9 mm stänger i en speciell geometri gör det passande för mycket stora krafter/snölaster.

VERN 1 PC passar lika bra på stenhällan under sommaren som uppe i fjällen i vinterstormen.

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Friluftsliv i Norr AB is run with a passion for a life outdoors, we want to provide products and services that spread joy to our customers. Our ambition is not to become the biggest player, our ambition is to become the biggest in providing quality in our products and services.
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