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Helleren & Bivuakk

Now we are into the minimalist's choice. With light weight and small packing volume, a TARP is a perfect alternative. Use it as protection against rain at night or when the weather changes quickly on your way out. With a TARP, the nature experience becomes something completely extra. It's the closest you can get to sleeping under the open sky other than sleeping directly under the open sky.

NORTENT has produced two different models of TARPs, Helleren and Bivuakk. Where Bivuakk is a three in one solution.

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Short information

Helleren is a simple but at the same time very well thought out tarp, there are many hours of evaluation behind this tarp. How do you make a tarp that justifies a higher price than normal TARPs for SEK 399? It all comes down to durability, function and weight. 

Bivuakk is a three in one solution. Use it as a tarp, tent or front yard extension. Bivuakk has a fireproof chimney bypass and buckles to mount an inner tent. Imagination is what limits the areas of use Bivuakk can be used for

  • Fireproof chimney bypass (Bivuakk)
  • Sturdy fastening straps (no eyelets)
  • Dyneema reinforcements at all attachment points
  • Loops for hanging clothesline
  • Packed together in a sewn-on packing bag (=no lost bag)
  • Catenary cut (Helleren) distributes the force more evenly across the tarp, which makes the tarp easier to keep stretched, while making the tarp quieter in the wind.
Read more about NORTENT and their products in BOOK OF TENTS

Let the imagination flow

Take your outdoor life to new lands. Thanks to the versatility of a bivouac, you can adjust as needed. Bring both the bivouac and the inner tent, together it weighs just over 2kg and can be easily packed into a smaller backpack, use the hiking poles as tent poles. Then you're good to go!

Try sleeping with one side open, it will be too much. Make tent position on the bivouac and close again just like a normal tent.

Or why not try bringing a Helleren for those rapid weather changes that can happen in the mountains. Your body will thank you when you quickly get under cover.


We have tried tarps of different brands and in different materials, we will not say that NORTENTs Helleren is best. But what we can say is that Helleren is a very reliable wear wolf that can provide quick protection without the hassle.

Helleren and Bivuakk are manufactured in Sil nylon with reinforcements of Dyneema at all points where high stress resistance is a must, i.e. at the attachment points. This role to distribute the forces evenly over The sil nylon from Dyneemat plays an important role in the lifespan of the tarp. Sil nylon as is known, is a flexible material that can be stretched and stretched without being deformed, i.e. it regains its shape. This in turn means that the forces passing through the material are absorbed by a damper"The sil nylon" like a rubber band. So instead of getting a hard jerk in the material, you get soft jerks. Then add that The sil nylon already has a high tear strength, you have a durable alternative that will last for many years.


It's the details that matter!

In a product that is considered premium, there are well-thought-out solutions and a high material quality. These together characterize that it is fun to use the product. It feels and feels luxurious.

Accessories / Details

  • Dyneema reinforcements at all release points
  • Smart storage pockets for storm lines to avoid tangles
  • Built storage bag
  • Loops for clothesline
  • Easy / lighter / easiest.
  • Takes incredibly small space in the package

Helleren - Bivuakk

Friluftsliv i Norr AB is run with a passion for a life outdoors, we want to provide products and services that spread joy to our customers. Our ambition is not to become the biggest player, our ambition is to become the biggest in providing quality in our products and services.
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