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Stock/ Delivery time / Delivery

We try to keep all products in stock for quick handling. 
Normally, the delivery time is 2 -3 days from the order date (during working days)

In the event that the product is sold out with us, if the product is available from the manufacturer, delivery usually takes place within 7 days.

In the event that the product is sold out by us and the manufacturer. We will reply by email with an expected delivery date.

International buyers, please contact us for shipping and payment options. Read more under payment for information on VAT

Warranty and right of complaint

We do not give a guarantee beyond what the statutory right to complain gives (3 years). A warranty is something voluntary that a manufacturer can give on its products, usually it does not provide better protection than the statutory right to claim. We follow consumer purchase legislation and in the event of any disputes, we follow ARN's decision. We believe that you as a buyer have as strong protection through the right of complaint as with a possible warranty.

What is included in the right of complaint? I have received damage to my product.

The right of complaint gives you as a buyer the right to complain about the product in the event that something breaks and they are considered to be an original defect/material defect.

An example (the right to complain applies): You discover after 2 years that the seams on the tent canvas are starting to loosen in some places, this is an original or material fault. This is a complaint case that gives you the right to complain about the product to us so that we can find a solution to your problem, either by repairing or replacing the product with a new one.

Another example (right of complaint does not apply): You discover that water is leaking in through the tent floor, it turns out to be damage from the substrate that has damaged the material. This is not covered by the right of complaint as this is damage caused by external influences and cannot then be considered an original or material defect.


We use the Payson payment solution, which provides a comprehensive payment solution option.
As a buyer, you have the right to cancel, which extends to 14 days after delivery. Which then gives you the right to cancel the purchase free of charge, this also applies to backlogs and pre-orders.

International payment takes place according to agreement, contact us via email for more information. The prices in our webshop include 25% VAT. For deliveries within the EU, the prices include 25% VAT. For delivery outside the EU, the prices are reduced by 25% VAT.

Backlog and pre-order

In the event of a backlog of a product, we deliver it as soon as we get it in stock, delivery time depends on whether the manufacturer has the product in stock or not.

When pre-ordering, you reserve a copy of the number we have on the way in from the factory.

You can cancel your purchase at any time during the cancellation period for distance shopping.

Can I borrow a product I'm interested in?

Yes, it goes well in most cases. If we have a product as a demo copy, we can send it to you, then you can check in peace and quiet whether the product meets your wishes. If we don't have the exact product you want, we offer an equivalent product. 

For example: You are interested in a Gamme 6 PC, we don't have anything like demoex. However, we can offer you to borrow a Gamme 8 PC or a Gamme 6 in silnylon. depending on what you want.

Does it cost anything to borrow a home? 
Yes it does, we charge a cost of SEK 1000 incl. VAT to cover handling and shipping costs. If you make a purchase from us in connection with a home loan. Then we deduct the cost of the home loan (SEK 1,000)

I have never heard of Nortent, what manufacturer is it?

It is a manufacturer from Norway, they have chosen to invest in producing tents and tent products of high quality, which should be easy to set up. Originally they focused on making tents that could be used with a stove, and today they are known to be one of the leaders in the market when it comes to making tents that are meant for that purpose. Their high ambitions to make products of high quality are reflected in the number of complaints. Nortent themselves say that they very rarely have complaints about their products, and they are sold around the world. 

There have started to be more and more reviews, reviews and tests. Youtube has a number of reviews you can check out for more information.

What are your core values?

Our core value is that you as a customer should feel satisfied with your purchase and our handling of various matters. 
We also try as much as possible to contribute to a better climate by selling high quality products to reduce wear and tear in society. Should the product not meet your expectations after purchase, we usually find a solution.

Do you have a store that can be visited?

No sorry. We run Friluftsliv i Norr AB alongside our regular jobs as teachers and carpet installers. And we would love to have our own store and showroom. But unfortunately, those possibilities do not exist today. 

However, you can always book an appointment with us. That way we can show where we are, the products and who we are.
Friluftsliv i Norr AB is run with a passion for a life outdoors, we want to provide products and services that spread joy to our customers. Our ambition is not to become the biggest player, our ambition is to become the biggest in providing quality in our products and services.
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