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Stoves – Care advice

Use of the stove in the tent is at your own risk. A burning or incompletely burnt out stove should never be left unattended. We take no responsibility for any damage caused by the use of a stove inside or outside the tent. Before first use. Make sure that all parts of the stove and chimney fit together properly.

ATTENTION! When rolling the chimney pipe to the titanium stove, use gloves to avoid cuts.

The first time it can be difficult to get the shape of the chimney. Therefore, we recommend that there are two of you who help each other. Try to avoid making dents or damage to the chimney so that you maintain a higher strength against the chimney being able to bend in strong winds. After the first burn-in, the chimney / pipe will take its shape more easily. Clean the entire stove with cleaning spirit, e.g. white spirit or other to remove any fingerprints and other things that may be on the stove and pipe. This results in an aesthetically pleasing stove. Any fingerprints left on the stove during the first burn-in, will burn in and be impossible to wash/scrub off afterwards. Ensure good ventilation before lighting the stove.

Using a stove guidence

1. Use only dry wood when burning. Avoid soot burning.

2. Ensure good ventilation and ensure that the stove stands firmly.

3. Feel free to use a carbon monoxide meter to ensure your safety.

4. In case of strong wind, you should not use the stove in the tent, the chimney for the titanium stove is made of very thin titanium sheet, which can bend due to the forces of strong wind.

5. When using in wind, you should use the top hat together with extra guylines to stabilize the chimney.

6. Make sure you have enough distance between the stove and the chimney till combustible materials such as outer fabric, clothes, equipment or other things.

7. Burn adequately in the stove. Stoves in tents are very efficient as a heat source and Nortent's stoves are incredibly efficient at creating high combustion which creates enormous heat. Keep an eye on the stove. Do not burn it so hard that the stove becomes red hot.

8. All parts belonging to the stove and the stove pipe become incredibly hot when burning. Avoid burns by using gloves or other protection when handling the stove.

9. Use the rear entrance of the tent when exiting or entering, if you have one to avoid the risk of falling out or coming into contact with the stove.

Stabilization of the chimney

You can advantageously stabilize the chimney / pipe by using the optional top hat. There are 3 rings for attaching guylines. When you stretch the guylines from the top hat, you should leave a little "slack" on the guylines, unlike the tent's storm lines, which should be taut. If you stretch the guylines attached to the pipe so that they become taut, you risk the chimney pipe giving away because you "pull" the pipe down towards the stove. When you then fire the stove up, the chimney will become very hot and the titanium will become more "moldable". And then it will increae risk of the chimney bending / failing. Leave enough slack in the guylines attatched to the tophat so that the chimney can move with the wind a bit and then be "caught" by the guyline.

After use

Make sure the stove is completely burnt out before you pack it away. Do not put out the stove with snow or water, risk of the titanium breaking unnecessarily. Clean the stove if necessary. If there is a lot of soot on the glass panes, you can wash the panes. Normally, sooted glass panes usually "wash" themselves when you start the fire in the stove next time. Store the stove and chimney in its storage bags. When transporting, you should pack the chimney pipe on the outside in a backpack or other protected place to avoid "squeezing" damage to the pipe.

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