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VERN Series

For those who prioritize low weight but still don't want to sacrifice spaciousness and quality.

Vern is a series that does not go as hottent. They come in a unique tunnel design with a choice of materials of the highest quality. The double entrances and spacious areas make Vern 1 and 2 perfect for longer hiking/skiing trips. With the Crossingpole accessory, you now have a stable 4-season tent that can withstand harsh weather and slightly heavier snow loads.

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The Vern series is developed to be an alternative for those who want a light tent. It is made with consideration to keep clean lines while blending into its surroundings. Much of the development was based on the fact that VERN could be erected quickly and easily if the weather were to change quickly. With generous dimensions, VERN is one of the market's most spacious 1 & 2 person tents.

  • 4 - Season
  • Superstrong SILNYLON
  • Double entrances / Double door
  • 4 st ventilations
  • 9 mm high quality poles (DAC)
  • Dyneema reinforced at all exposed areas
Read more about NORTENT and their products in BOOK OF TENTS


NORTENT has a philosophy that a tent should be easy to set up, easy to take with you and easy to like. NORTENT was created for exactly those reasons. There was nothing on the market that they felt met those requirements. There was only one solution.

Make your own tents!

All NORTENTs undergo hard and long field tests in the Norwegian nature before they are released onto the market. During field tests in nature, you can get a better understanding of how a tent is affected by weather and different conditions.


It can be a big investment to buy a slightly more expensive tent. But there is a saying:

You get what you pay for

It is quite true in this case, you want a tent that is well thought out, that accommodates you and your equipment without being cramped, is made of the best materials and most important. It bring you joy every time you use it

Then a tent from NORTENT is just right!


Being able to adapt your tent to different needs has always been an important point for NORTENT. Therefore, there are different accessories for the different tents.

VERN accessories:

  • TARP make a bigger outdoorspace outside the tent
  • Innertent directly coupled into the flysheet, possible to remove if needed e.g drying
  • Doors adjust to different situations
  • Ventilations: four independent ventilation openings, possible to close them up
  • Crossingpole for additional strength against heavy snowload / bad weather


Friluftsliv i Norr AB drivs med en passion för ett liv utomhus, vi vill tillhandhålla produkter och tjänster som sprider glädje till våra kunder. Vår ambition är inte att blir största aktören, vår ambition är att bli störst på att lämna kvalitè i våra produkter och tjänster.
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