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Lavvo Series

Is it possible to combine low weight and at the same time be large enough to accommodate 6 people + a stove ? Its possible if your name is NORTENT

Say hello to the LAVVO series.

It's the best of two worlds. Enough low weight and packing volume to take with you in the backpack on a multi-day mountain trip, while the tent is one of the most robust out there.

Some is of the opinion that it is the best tipi/lavvo out on the market today. 

We can only agree.

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Lavvo comes in sizes of 4 -> 6 persons.

Choose the flysheet that suits your needs

Silnylon (Arctic),
Silnylon Robic (Extreme)
PC (Polycotton)

  • Four season
  • Fireprof stovejack
  • Double entrances and double doors
  • 3 st ventilations
  •  7000-serie Aluminium pole
  • Dyneema reinforcement on all exposed areas
Read more about NORTENT and their products in BOOK OF TENTS


Every trip is unique, no one is the same. Therefore, it is good to be able to adapt your tent to the different conditions that occours. Sometimes it's cold, sometimes it's dry, sometimes it's hot, and sometimes it's wet. With an option to choose whether you want an inner tent for protection against mosquitoes or a floor for protection against wet ground. A stove for heat or just a completely open floor to make maximum use of the surface.  Uou decide.

Because no time is like the other.

Various forms of tipis are used around the world and have been for many centuries, on the American plains, in the Sami culture and in many other places.

A perfect tipi should be completely round without "corners", this means that the wind is guided around the flysheet instead of being stuck on it. Therefore, NORTENTS lavvo is incredibly wind-resistant, beacuse it has an almost perfect round shape. 

Silnylon Vs PC

What is the difference between Silnylon and Polycotton?

Silnylon has several advantages, in terms of strength, weight and durability, silnylon is an incredible material. Another advantage of Silnylon is that the material is very flexible, instead of pulling apart and matting dull fibers, Silnylon flexes and contracts again. Quite similar to a rubber band, this means that Silnylon tents often have a very long durability.

Polycotton has the advantage that there will be no or non-existent condensation build-up. The mixture of Polyester and cotton means that the weight can be kept down. In combination with the density of the canvas material and the cotton's ability to swell when soaked, the tent / flytsheet becomes completely waterproof without the need for  treatment. But it will never be so dense so that the water vapors (condensation) cannot be released through the flysheet. However, these differ in weight. Polycotton is about double the weight compared to Silnylon


Being able to adapt your tent to different needs has always been an important point for NORTENT. Therefore, there are various accessories to buy if needed.
The well-thought-out details, e.g. leaving 1/3 open floor space with inner tent/floor makes organizing packing easy, with double entrances and double doors, and the option to store packing behind the inner tent increases safety in the tent when using a stove.

Accessories / Detalis

  • TARP make an extra outerspace
  • Use innertent, floor or fully opened floor
  • Doors can be adjusted to your needs
  • Ventilation open / closes from the inside of the tent
  • Choose between lightweight Silnylon flysheet or Polycotton canvas


Friluftsliv i Norr AB drivs med en passion för ett liv utomhus, vi vill tillhandhålla produkter och tjänster som sprider glädje till våra kunder. Vår ambition är inte att blir största aktören, vår ambition är att bli störst på att lämna kvalitè i våra produkter och tjänster.
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