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Are you looking for that extra of everything?
We have the answer.

KOIE 7 for groups up to 7 people or Mjodhall for groups up to 16 people.

Both tents are built according to the principle of having a sleeping area at each short end and a stove in the middle.

The tents are very flexible with large openings and generous spaces, add that they are made for all four seasons with materials that are made for really tough conditions. You can easily erect the tents alone despite their sizes.

There is nothing like it on the market!

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Mjodhall 16: with its impressive dimensions, NORTENT has taken tent life to completely new dimensions. The tent measures 7.0m x 4.32m with a height of 2.39m. A total of 4 entrances: 2 large entrances, one in the front and one in the back, 2 smaller entrances on the short sides that lead directly into the inner tent (if used)

KOIE 7: the slightly smaller KOIE 7 is still an impressive tent, with dimensions of 4.85m x 3.25m and a height of 1.85m the KOIE 7 is still a much larger tent than others on the market. The KOIE 7 is equipped with 3 entrances, a large one in the front and two smaller ones on the short sides that lead directly into the inner tent (if used)

  • Despite its sizes it stands firm in harsh weather conditions
  • Lots of attachments and guyout points
  • Dyneema reinforcements on every exposed area
  • Can be used with a stove
  • Relatively light it terms of their sizes
  • A very flexible basecamp
Read more about NORTENT and their products in BOOK OF TENTS

Mjodhall 16

NORTENT Mjodhall 16 is a spacious and solid tent. An extremely large "home" for 16 people with 4 entrances. Mjodhall 16 is designed for the most inhospitable conditions. Spacious but at the same time somewhat mobile and light in relation to what this tent has to offer. NORTENT has designed it so that the tent can be packed in modules and thus distributed among several people. Mjodhall 16 has a total of 8 poles that "run" across the tent in such a way that they form a very strong, stable and steady "skeleton". The tent is free standing with eight aluminum poles. Mjodhall is an enormously strong construction that can withstand harsh weather and heavy snow loads. A "cabin" to use in the wild.

The inspiration for this tent comes from an old Nordic hall for Viking kings. The Mjødhallen was normally located in the center of the village and provided spacious and luxurious shelter for the Viking chieftain and his people. As such, it was considered the safest place in the village.

Like all NORTENT's tents, the Mjodhallen also has storm flaps around the tent to make the tent even more stable with snow, sand or stones over the flaps. Even without guylines, the tent is very stable in the wind. But if necessary, the tent has a total of 18 guylines.

A truly versatile 16-person tent for the vast majority of expeditions and base camps


NORTENT Koie 7 is a very stable and substantial tent. A large "home" for as many as 7 people and contains 3 entrances. When using an inner tent, you can accommodate 4 people with room to spare for all equipment. Koie 7 is designed to accommodate a "large" number of people, yet withstand very harsh weather.

NORTENT has equipped the Koie 7 with a total of 11 guylines, in addition to the 22 attachment points in the tent fabric. This gives a very solid and "fixed" tent that doesn't care too much when the wind increases. You simply avoid much of the flapping in the tent fabric that you often experience with other tents.

The word "Koie" comes from an old Norwegian dwelling that was built to provide shelter for workers in the forest during the winter season.

Mjodhall 16 - KOIE 7




Friluftsliv i Norr AB drivs med en passion för ett liv utomhus, vi vill tillhandhålla produkter och tjänster som sprider glädje till våra kunder. Vår ambition är inte att blir största aktören, vår ambition är att bli störst på att lämna kvalitè i våra produkter och tjänster.
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